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Ballast Water Treatment

Cathelco has been serving customers in the maritime sector for over 50 years, establishing a worldwide reputation for product reliability and service support. Our global agent network means that you are assured of first class support during evaluation, installation and throughout the life of the system.

The Cathelco BWT system is based on a combination of filtration and UV technology, well established processes which are effective against a broad range of marine organisms. This approach does not involve the use of chemicals, an important factor in ensuring that there is nothing harmful to the ocean environment and no chemical handling on board the ship.

Although the main components (filtration and UV technology) are well established, the system incorporates a number of innovative features including an advanced UVT sensor and unique ball cleaning device. These features – and many others - set the system apart from its competitors in terms of CAPEX and OPEX which significantly reduces the overall cost of ownership.

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The Cathelco Ballast Water Treatment System: IMO and AMS Approval

As the BWT system incorporates a number of technical innovations, Cathelco have applied for a patent under the Application Number 1405106.4.

Major features of the Cathelco BWT system
  • Based on a combination of filtration and UV technology; well established processes which are effective against a broad range of organisms.
  • Capacities from 80m3/hr to 2,400m3/hr or up to 1,200 m3/hr per single system.
  • Comparatively small ‘footprint’ and low power consumption.
  • Does not involve the use of chemicals – not even for cleaning.
  • Step-less power control – saves power by using smaller incremental steps.
  • Feed-back loop between UVT sensors and UV intensity meters provides empirical evidence that correct UV dosage has been achieved.
  • Unique ball cleaning system to polish quartz tubes and mitigate corrosion on internal metal surfaces – saving on power to the lamps.
  • One of the smallest UV chambers on the market.
  • Established network of 50 agents worldwide to support installation and servicing.
"We have trialled a number of BWT systems on our fleet. In terms of initial technical discussions, installation planning, system performance and ease of operation, Cathelco's system has exceeded our expectations." -- Andrew Weir Shipping
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