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Cathodic Protection Experts

Cathelco are world leaders in the design and production of cathodic protection systems for the marine and offshore industries. Cathelco ICCP and marine pipework antifouling systems are installed on a diverse range of ships, yachts, navy vessels, semi-submersibles and marine structures. Each system is thoughtfully designed to protect your asset with the highest degree of efficiency and reliability. All systems are supplied with a comprehensive warranty program supported by a worldwide network of sales and service agencies.
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Marine Pipework Anti-fouling Systems

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Cathelco is the world's largest manufacturer of seawater pipework anti-fouling systems. The systems provides complete protection against blockages caused by barnacles and mussels which results in engines overheating, increased fuel consumption and costly pipework and heat exchanger repairs.

The system is comprised of anode pairs installed into sea chests or sea inlet strainers. The anodes receive a small amount of current from the adjustable control panel. Ions are released into the flowing seawater which prevent the settlement of marine organisms while coating the inside of the pipework with a barrier against corrosion.

The simple automatic operation and ease of installation has made it the primary choice for installation at new build or retrofit. Cathelco have over 14,000 installations protecting all types of vessels worldwide.
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Boxcooler Antifouling System

Cathelco have formed an alliance with Blokland Non-Ferro, Europe’s leading manufacturer of box cooler systems, to develop a range of anti-fouling systems which are specifically designed to provide the maximum level of effectiveness.

In operation, copper ions are delivered directly beneath the cooling tubes where they prevent mussel larvae from settling and growing. A steel cathode plate, running parallel to the anode, ensures an even distribution of current flow, producing a uniform wear pattern along the length of the anode.

This is an important advance on original box cooler installations where the anode was inserted through the sea chest side plate. The new system means fewer sea chest penetrations and less installation work, whilst ensuring effective and reliable protection against bio-fouling.

One of the advantages of the collaboration with Blokland has been the design of special mounting arrangements which simplify the installation process.

In the case of the suspended anode arrangement, the anti-fouling anode is attached to the base of the box cooler on a framework. This enables the box cooler and anti-fouling system to be fitted as a complete unit, resulting in faster, easier installation involving less time for the yard.

Alternatively, the anode can be mounted on the side of the sea chest, directly below the cooling tubes. Anode replacement intervals can be designed to coincide with the vessel’s dry docking schedule or the service period of the box coolers up to a maximum duration of 5 years.
  • Even distribution of copper ions along the length of the box cooler for greater effectiveness.
  • Cathode plate ensures a uniform wear pattern along the length of the anode.
  • Can be supplied as complete unit involving less installation work.
  • Systems designed around dry docking schedule or box cooler service intervals.
  • Cathelco can adapt anti-fouling systems to suit any size or shape of box cooler from any manufacturer.
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ICCP Hull Corrosion Protection Systems

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C-Shield impressed current cathodic protection systems (ICCP) have been installed on a wide variety of vessels from around the world:
  • Cruise Ships
  • Container Vessels
  • VLCCs
  • Ferries
  • FPSOs
  • Ice Class Vessels
Although modern hull coatings offer some protection against corrosion, they seldom offer a complete active solution. For this reason, over 10,000 operators have chosen to protect their vessels with a purpose designed impressed current cathodic protection system.

Using an arrangement of hull mounted anodes and reference cells connected to a control panel, the system produces powerful external current flow to suppress the electro-chemical activity on the wet surface of the hull. The ICCP system eliminates the formation of corrosion cells on the metal's surface thereby arresting corrosion.

The essential feature of ICCP systems is that they constantly monitor the electrical potential at the seawater-hull interface. The system is self-adjusting ensuring the proper amount of current is supplied to the hull anodes. This is the primary reason why ICCP systems are chosen over sacrificial anodes.
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