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Reverse Osmosis Desalination

Reverse osmosis desalination plants (also called water makers) are the marine industry standard for onboard freshwater production. From single-pass potable water plants to sophisticated multi-pass technical water machines, Marine Plant Systems is able to provide guidance and support for your next project. Our scope of supply includes plants ranging in capacity from only a few hundred litres per day through to thousands of tons per day.

Cathelco Seafresh and HEM

Seafresh and HEM have been providing reverse osmosis desalination plants to the marine industry for over 30 years. References include ferries, offshore support vessels, tug ships, research ships, submarines and 9 world navies.

The Seafresh 'Ton' Series offers space-saving modular machines ranging in capacity from 10 to 40 tons per day. Machines are available with a host of features offering quiet, trouble-free operation.

The Seafresh 'H2O' Series are ideal watermakers for small recreational and commercial vessels where production requirement is in the range of 36 to 276 litres per hour. The H2O plants are available in a range of configurations and have drive options including AC, DC electric motors or belt-driven from an external source such as a generator engine. Although they are compact in design, the H2O series boast the same quality control and automation features of the larger plants, ensuring superior operation at all times.

Seafresh watermakers are available with a host of options including pre-treatment systems and post-treatment disinfection units. Seafresh watermakers are supported by Cathelco's worldwide network of sales and service divisions.
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Hatenboer Water

Hatenboer Water have been in the water production and treatment industries for over 100 years. In that time, Hatenboer Water have been involved in thousands of projects involving water production, treatment and transport. When it comes to water, Hatenboer Water are the industry experts.

Hatenboer Water offer a complete solution for your water needs. From pre-treatment, transport and post-treatment needs to complete sea water desalination plants, Hatenboer Water can answer the call.

Hatenboer Water specialise in watermakers for all types of industries. References include explosion proof designs for FPSO and offshore oil and gas rigs; accommodation barges; shock proof designs for navy applications and a standard range of small and medium size machines for the yachting industry.

Watermakers from Hatenboer Water are designed to minimise the space requirement, provide safe, energy efficient operation and require as little maintenance as necessary. Through the use of modern pre and post treatment solutions as well as a range of pressure and sterilisation systems, Hatenboer Water have ascended the ranks to market leader in the realm of marine desalination plant technology.

Marine Plant Systems is a distributor of Hadex Drinking Water Disinfectant.
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Safe Drinking-water on Ships

We are often asked to comment on the design, construction or repair of potable water systems on ships and offshore structures. Discussions inevitably lead to the review of guidelines and standards commonly applied drinking-water quality.

There is a wealth of information published by various organisations. Nearly all guidelines and standards have a set of common principles regarding the management of drinking-water systems. One of the most useful summaries comes from the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines:
  1. Ensuring drinking water safety and quality requires the application of a considered risk management approach.
  2. The greatest risks to consumers of drinking water are pathogenic microorganisms. Protection of water sources and treatment are of paramount importance and must never be compromised.
  3. The drinking water system must have, and continuously maintain, robust multiple barriers appropriate to the level of potential contamination facing the raw water supply.
  4. The multiple barrier approach is universally recognised as the foundation for ensuring safe drinking water. No single barrier is effective against all conceivable sources of contamination, is effective 100 per cent of the time or constantly functions at maximum efficiency.
  5. Robust barriers are those that can handle a relatively wide range of challenges with close to maximum performance and without suffering major failure. Although it is important to maintain effective operation of all barriers, the advantage of multiple barriers is that short-term reductions in performance of one barrier may be compensated for by performance of other barriers.
  6. Providing a disinfectant residual throughout the distribution system can provide protection against contamination and limit regrowth problems.
  7. Prevention of contamination provides greater surety than removal of contaminants by treatment, so the most effective barrier is protection of source waters to the maximum degree practicable.
  8. System operators must maintain a personal sense of responsibility and dedication to providing consumers with safe water, and should never ignore a consumer complaint about water quality.
  9. System operators must be able to respond quickly and effectively to adverse monitoring signals.
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