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Intelligent Sewage Treatment

For over 80 years, Hamann AG have been providing high-quality sewage treatment solutions to the shipbuilding and offshore industries. Each sewage treatment plant is hand-built in Germany to the highest marine standards. Hamann's innovative designs and patented treatment methods exceed the requirements of the industries most discerning shipowners and navies. Hamann sewage treatment plants are IMO approved according to MEPC.159(55) and have been pre-approved to MEPC.227(64). Hamann sewage treatment plants are Class A according to Maritime Safety Queensland standards.

Advantages include:
  • Clean treatment technology: no filters or membranes.
  • Designed to treat black and grey water.
  • Fully automatic operation requiring minimal crew attention.
  • Automatic self-cleaning function without the use of cleaning chemicals.
  • Low maintenance requirement.
  • Extremely small installation space requirement.
  • Unaffected by changes in hydraulic loading.
  • Unaffected by harsh chemicals.
  • Design life of greater than 20 years.
  • Worldwide after sales and service support.
  • Learn about sewage sludge here...


Daily Hydraulic Load (l)


Operational Weight (kg)

Dimensions (cm)




66 x 88 x 77




90 x 120 x 100




100 x 130 x 140




120 x 160 x 180




150 x 210 x 210




190 x 260 x 200




210 x 470 x 270

* Type approved to MEPC.227(64).


Resolution MEPC.227(64) applies to installations on-board after 31 December 2015.
Hamann offer a range of sewage treatment plants approved to this new resolution.

Download the new Hamann brochure here.

Download: Press release regarding the NEW HL Cont Plus 0125.
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Photo: New HAMANN HL Cont Plus 0125 (3,000 litres per day).

Complete Solutions

Hamann sewage treatment plants are complimented by a comprehensive range of options including:
  • Grease Separator
  • Sea Water Pump
  • Tank Level Sensors
  • Discharge Pumps
  • NATO Standard Support
  • Tank aeration systems
  • Classification Inspection Certificates
  • USCG Certification
  • Multi-tank Transfer Systems
  • Air Compressor
  • EX Proof
  • Customisation to your specifications

Australian Support

Marine Plant Systems provides a complete sales, service and spare parts program for Hamann sewage treatment plants. Our Australian references include the navy, workboats, crew boats, barges and offshore support vessels. Please contact Marine Plant Systems to learn more about how we can help you on your next new-build or retrofit project.

Invest in Quality

Pollution prevention machinery should represent value for money.

Value is typically measured in benefits.

Reliable, supportable machines permit your vessel to achieve its operational objectives.

Cheap machines are typically unreliable, poorly supported and result in low vessel availability. Your investment has no value. In fact, the dis-benefits of a bad investment will continue to grow over time resulting in a true purchase price much higher than the machine that is truly fit for purpose.

Beware of cheap pollution prevent equipment. It’s only cheap on the day you buy it.
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