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Jets - Vacuum Toilet Systems for Ships and Offshore

Vacuum toilet systems are the standard in the marine and offshore industries. Boat and ship owners around the world recognise the extensive list of benefits brought about by using vacuum waste collection.

- Vacuum pipes are smaller and lighter than the pipes used for traditional toilets.
- Huge water savings, less than 1 litre per flush.
- Less sewage...smaller tanks, fewer pump outs; smaller treatment plants.
- Space savings in accommodation design and layout.
- Simple to retrofit, fewer deck penetrations.
- Simple, sanitary and aesthetically pleasing.
- Low life cycle costs.

Jets A/S began supplying vacuum toilet systems to the shipbuilding industry in 1987. Since then, Jets vacuum toilet systems represent over 50% of the world's vacuum toilet systems installations. With more than 13,000 vacuum plants in operation and over 300,000 vacuum toilet installations, Jets is the proven world leader in vacuum toilet technology.

Interested in using water saving vacuum toilets in your home, office, resort or mining camp?

Visit Vacuum Toilets Australia - Australia's specialist in land based vacuum toilet systems.
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The Vacuum Toilet

Jets manufacture and supply high-quality, marine grade toilets for any type of installation.

- Wall mounted
- Deck mounted
- Stainless steel
- Squat pans
- Urinals
- Bidets

Jets vacuum toilets are found onboard every type of vessel. From navy ships to luxury super yachts, Jets has the right toilet system for your project.

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The Vacuum Plant

The heart of the Jets vacuum toilet system is the Jets Vacuumarator. The Vacuumarator is a compact, highly efficient in-line vacuum pump which macerates and transports waste. Vacuumarators are usually supplied in pairs for the ultimate in vacuum generation and redundancy. The strong vacuum swiftly transports waste within the vacuum pipework. Waste can be transported in a variety of directions, even vertically as high as 2.5 meters. Don't try that with a gravity toilet....
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