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Penetration Sealing Systems

KPS Plugs are type approved penetration sealing systems for use in the marine and offshore industries. Whenever a cable or pipe penetrates a deck or bulkhead, the penetration must be sealed off to prevent the passage of smoke, flame or water. KPS Plug provide the optimal, easy to install solution.
The KPS Plugs System

The KPS Plug System is quite possibly the simplest and most affordable penetration sealing system approved by maritime classification agencies.

- Simplest onsite preparation.
- Shortest installation time.
- Lowest installation cost.
- Installation can be made at anytime; even after pipes are installed.
- Plugs can be removed and reinstalled at anytime.
- Pipework is supported by an elastic medium offering superior noise insulation.
- Effective sealing: water-tight and gas-tight sealing.
- Approved by major international classification agencies.
- Approved according to Australian NMSC and UL codes.

The KPS Plug System is comprised of two halves. Each half is simply pressed into the penetration by hand (or using a soft piece of wood and a mallet). The plugs are made-to-fit meaning that you get the perfect fit each time (tolerance -1 / +0.3 mm).

Ordering could not be more simple! All we need to know is the inside diameter of the penetration pipe and the outside diameter of the media pipe or cable. Plugs may be custom made to incorporate more than one pipe through a penetration. We may also provide blank-plugs for a complete seal of an unused penetration.

KPS Plugs are fabricated using a range of industrial rubber grades:

- FPR - Fire proof rubber
- FPR/Silicone

All rubber grades are gas tight, water tight and dust tight.

KPS Plugs have an exhaustive list of worldwide references including the world's largest and most prestigious shipyards. Contact Marine Plant Systems and take advantage of our range of local stock as well as made-to-order plugs for your next project.

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