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Metizoft is among the world's first and leading consulting companies providing turnkey Green Passport / IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) solutions to shipyards, shipowners, suppliers and others in the maritime industry on a global scale. Metizoft's services can be custom-tailored to suit any environment. Solutions include:
Metizoft's references include world class shipyards, over 600 vessels and an expansive list of international suppliers.


Appointing Metizoft as your designated partner for IHM production and maintenance is a logical decision. We can add value to your management of:
  • Time: Benefit from a common IHM platform across your fleet. Unburden your fleet managers, procurement staff and operations crew by appointing Metizoft to maintain your IHM - allow your staff to be more productive by permitting them to work more effectively in their appointed role.
  • Cost: Local production and management of an IHM has many direct and indirect costs. By appointing Metizoft, you can budget and control the direct cost and forget about the indirect costs: we do the work and you receive the benefits.
  • Quality: The quality of our deliverables is unsurpassed. The deliverables are available in hard copy or soft copy. Maintained IHM's are hosted locally or remotely without the need of special software or training. Your satisfaction is paramount to our business success.
  • Scope: Metizoft offer a range of document management solutions including IHM and hazardous material declarations. Check out our Shipowner Brochure then contact us to learn more about the benefits you will receive from Metizoft solutions.
  • Risk: By appointing Metizoft, you safely transfer risk of a non-compliant IHM to a recognised and awarded IHM authority. Metizoft work directly with suppliers and classification authorities to ensure compliance and provide a no-claim environment.
  • Benefits: Metizoft's services were conceived, developed and maintained solely to benefit the maritime industry. Our references prove our services are desirable and provide value for money. Imagine what we could do for you? Contact Metizoft today to find out more.


We excel at the production of IHM and document management solutions for shipyards. We add value to your management of:
  • Time: Compiling a compliant IHM involves extensive interdepartmental communication and verification across a range of divisions, companies and classification agencies. As a shipyard, you receive benefits for producing your specialty deliverable: a ship, rig or other asset for your customer. By appointing Metizoft, you release your staff from the stress of creating a detailed documentation system and permit them to focus on your core business.
  • Cost: Producing your own IHM is impossible to budget because of all the variables in risk, time and indirect costs. The most detrimental cost to a shipyard is the loss of productivity due to chasing paperwork and educating suppliers. With Metizoft, you will enjoy the benefit of a defined cost for which you can budget and control.
  • Quality: Metizoft provide world-class deliverables to the highest technical standard. Shipowners around the world appoint Metizoft as their designated partner because our deliverables seamlessly align with their requirements.
  • Scope: Production, submission to class, onboard verification support and handover are all part of our scope of deliverables. We also offer other dedicated services to shipyards. Please review our Shipyard Brochure and contact Metizoft today to learn more!
  • Risk: Reduce your risk of exceeding your tolerance of time, cost and quality: assign the task to Metizoft! Keep your focus on your core business and transfer the responsibility for production and delivery of the IHM to Metizoft.
  • Benefits: Metizoft provides you with a compliant product ensuring a successful delivery to your customer. You will have better control of your project costs and budget and allow your staff to be more productive at what they do best: build ships!


Join our growing complement of suppliers that appoint Metizoft to provide IHM, AFD and certification management. We add value to your management of:
  • Time: Metizoft works with your subcontractors and sub-suppliers to ensure that the legally required documentation, declarations and certificates comply with the specified requirements and regulations.
  • Cost: By appointing Metizoft, you will know your direct costs in advance. Like you, we are industry professionals focused on our core business. IHM, AFD and document management is all we do. This permits us to save time and money over what could cost you a small fortune.
  • Quality: Shipyards and shipowners demand what is legally required. Metizoft is focused on every element of the technology, science of hazardous material identification and the methodical process of information management. You can expect the highest quality of communication and organisation associated with all Metizoft deliverables.
  • Scope: Our agreements with suppliers can include all or only portions of the variety of services offered by Metizoft. Please review our Supplier Brochure or contact Metizoft to learn more.
  • Risk: Avoid risks to your productivity, costs and reputation. Appoint Metizoft and utilise our expertise in efficiently managing the documentary requirements.
  • Benefits: Increase your productivity and all the knock-on benefits that come with that! Stay ahead of your competitors, improve your productivity and add value to the quality of the services you provide to shipyards and shipowners: appoint Metizoft!
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We are a marine equipment agency and service station for high-quality machinery manufacturers. We are staffed by marine engineers and project managers. Our products are warranted and we service what we sell.
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