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Oily Water Separators (Bilge Water Separators)


Ocean Clean

Ocean Clean oily water separators are approved to IMO MARPOL MEPC 107(49) and are constructed in accordance with internationally recognised classification societies. The state of the art design is based the the manufacturer's extensive professional history in oily water separator design and manufacturing.

The oily water separator "Ocean Clean EB" incorporates a three stage separating systems: gravity separation, coalescence and filtration. The separators are available with processing capacities ranging between 0.25 m3/hour and 5.0 m3/hour.
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GEA Westfalia Separator Bilge Master Centrifugal Separator

The Westfalia Bilge Master oily water separator utilises the very latest in centrifugal separation technology to offer ship owners turn-key, trouble-free operation of this essential pollution control device.

The heart of the Bilge Master is Westfalia's award winning centrifuge.

Through the application of 5,000 g centrifugal force, the Bilge Master efficiently separates the water from the oil and other contaminants. Because the waste water stream is so clean, the absorption filter normally lasts up to one year!

Bilge Master Benefits:
  • Approval to major classification societies.
  • Approval to IMO MEPC 107(49).
  • Approval to U.S. Coast Guard Regulations.
  • Low-maintenance belt driven centrifuge.
  • Compact modular design; small installation space requirement.
  • Low operation costs due to simple cleaning process and long filter life.
  • Offers continuous operation benefit over coalescing-type separators.
  • Supported by a worldwide network of sales and service stations.
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Jowa 3SEP High Performance Oily Water Separator

The 3SEP OWS is a dual stage oily bilge water separation system utilising differential specific gravity, coalescence plates and filtration to separate and remove free and emulsified oil. The unit is available in five different capacities; 0.5 m3/h, 1.0 m3/h, 2.5 m3/h, 5.0 m3/h and 10.0 m3/h. The skid is optimised so that the footprint of the 3SEP OWS is as small as possible.
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