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GEA Westfalia Mineral Oil Separators

Westfalia are one of the world's leading authorities in separation technology. Thousands of ships around the world employ Westfalia separators to maintain the purity of their liquid assets.

Maintaining clean fuel and lubricating oil onboard a ship can be challenging. One load of poor quality fuel can be a very costly affair. Utilising separation technology, ship operators can continuously process their bunkers and remove water and contaminants ensuring only the best fluid quality reaches their prime movers.

Westfalia's range of fuel and lube oil separators are developed to suit a variety of applications, fluids and capacities. From heavy oil to marine gas oil, Westfalia have the right separator for your project.

The Westfalia Advantage:

- Low cost, simple maintenance
- Belt driven separator; less noise; less wear
- Low installation space requirement; good for new or refit projects
- Light-weight aluminium hood and frame
- No filter disposal costs; extended oil change intervals
- Designed for continuous operation
- Supported by a worldwide network of sales and service stations
- Classification approval
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