Pipework Antifouling

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The Cathelco marine growth prevention system has proved to be an effective and reliable method of eliminating blockages caused by bio-fouling.

  • Based on the electrolytic principle, providing continuous and reliable protection without the use of chemicals.
  • A dual system combining pipework anti-fouling and corrosion suppression.A range of control panels and anodes to suit vessels of every size.
  • Every system custom designed for its particular application ensuring greater effectiveness.
  • Automatic operation – requires minimal attention and makes very little demands on crew time.
  • Easy installation – anodes can be installed in seachests or strainers at newbuilding or retrofit.
  • Environmentally friendly – does not involve the use of chlorine based chemicals or carcinogens.
  • Approved by classification societies.

The system usually consists of pairs of copper and aluminium anodes which are mounted in seachests or strainers and wired to a control panel. In the case of cupro-nickel pipework, a ferrous anode is used instead of the aluminium anode.

In operation, the copper anode produces ions which are carried by the flow of seawater, creating an environment in which barnacles and mussels will not settle or multiply.

By introducing copper ions in very small concentrations, around 2 parts per billion, the Cathelco system interrupts the settlement sequence of mussel and barnacle larvae.

Instead of adhering to the surface of seachests, strainers and pipework, the larvae pass harmlessly through the cooling water system to the point of discharge.

Without anti-fouling protection, pipes become encrusted with organisms leading to partial or total blockages which reduce the efficiency of the seawater cooling system.


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