Reverse Osmosis

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Cathelco-Seafresh HEM

Cathelco are the UK’s leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis desalinators for luxury yachts, commercial vessels and naval craft.

Over a period of 30 years, the systems have gained a reputation for durability and ease of operation, proved on over 2,000 vessels around the world. This success combines engineering expertise with the use of high quality components. 

In 2010, Seafresh Desalinators was acquired by Cathelco who have invested in the development of the company and the service that it offers to customers.

Hydro Electrique Marine (HEM) has built a reputation as Europe’s premier manufacturer of desalinators and water treatment systems for luxury yachts.

In April 2015, HEM was acquired by Cathelco, a company with a background of serving the marine industry for more than 50 years. This brings together a comprehensive range of products and unrivaled expertise in almost every aspect of water treatment.

Based in Antibes, HEM began producing reverse osmosis desalinators in 1987. The current range of units covers all the requirements from small, cost effective systems for smaller yachts to the largest ultra-rugged duplex units capable of sustained output under continuous operation. Over the years, HEM have installed more than 4,400 desalinators providing enormous experience in this field.

Beginning in 1995, the company introduced a number of fresh water treatment systems including filtration, sterilisation and water softeners. Over the years, these products have been continuously improved and enhanced to provide excellent performance and reliability.

Hatenboer Water

Looking for reliable and robust desalination installations and a project partner that thinks like you?  Hatenboer's high quality promise includes all equipment needed for providing safe drinking water on board.  Choose Hatenboer for solutions that suit your needs and budget.

Hatenboer products are perfect water treatment installations for cargo, naval or merchant vessels, delivered to you swiftly at sharp rates.

Jowa AB

JOWA has supplied the maritime industry with environmental protection equipment for more than 60 years and has earned a solid reputation.

JOWA's mission is to continuously strive to manage and develop this goodwill.  Jowa are specialists in water treatment and protection of the marine environment.

Jowa products are designed to contribute to the global ecology by protecting the marine environment with the latest and best technology.  All Jowa products are user friendly systems that are easy to install and operate.


Marine Plant Systems services our equipment brands.  Service scope includes installation assistance, commissioning, troubleshooting, inspection, maintenance and calibration verification.  Contact us to learn more about our sales and service capabilities.