Sewage Treatment

Hamann AG marine sewage treatment plants are supplied and serviced by Marine Plant Systems Australia


HAMANN AG have been manufacturing marine equipment in Germany for over 80 years. Marine sewage treatment plants are their core deliverable.  These sewage treatment plants achieve our industry's most demanding requirements including defence, offshore and discerning super yacht owners and shipyards.

HAMANN sewage treatment plants actively treat influent utilising an established method known as dissolved air flotation and flocculation.  There are no membranes, filters or screens requiring crew to be in direct contact with sewage.  Solids are removed from the waste stream and retained in the sewage sludge tank.  Clear effluent is disinfected by UV light.

In addition to the sewage treatment plant, HAMANN AG provide a complete range of support equipment including but not limited to tank level sensors, aeration systems, automatic transfer systems, resilient mounting arrangements and discharge pumps.  Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of HAMANN AG.


Marine Plant Systems services our equipment brands.  Service scope includes installation assistance, commissioning, troubleshooting, inspection, maintenance and calibration verification.  Contact us to learn more about our sales and service capabilities.