Drinking Water Treatment

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Safe Drinking Water Offshore


Our principal manufacturers are experts in the field of safe drinking water management.  Each company designs and supplies first-class production and sterilisation equipment supported by a global service network.


Marine Plant Systems are often asked to comment on the design, construction, maintenance and repair of potable water systems on ships and offshore facilities. Discussions inevitably lead to the review of guidelines and standards commonly applied drinking-water quality.



  • Freshwater Units (skid-mounted heating, sterilisation, distribution)
  • Hydrophore Pressure Units
  • Calorifier Heating Units
  • Filter Systems (solids, hardening, conditioning)
  • Silver-ion Sterilisers
  • Ultra-violet Sterilisers
  • Chemical Dosing Systems

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Cathelco HEM

  • Freshwater Units
  • Calorifier Heating Units
  • Silver-ion Sterilisers
  • Ultra-violet Sterilisers
  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Softening Systems

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Hatenboer Water

  • Freshwater Units
  • HADEX Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Ultra-violet Sterilisers
  • Copper/Silver-ion Sterilisers
  • Advanced Water Conditioning Systems

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Brannstrom AB

Silver-ion Steriliser

  • Capacity up to 240 m3/day with 0.1 ppm silver ion concentration
  • Silver ion concentration within requirements of EC directive 80/778/EEC
  • Dual smart inputs for water maker status or flow meters
  • Automatic disinfection of bunkered water, no time & current setting needed
  • User interface with LCD display and keypad
  • Relay outputs for function alarm and valve control
  • Power supply 85VAC … 285VAC
  • Electrode life time 2500 m3 (with 0.1 ppm silver ion concentration)
  • Detachable instrument panel for flexible installation

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Marine Plant Systems services our equipment brands.  Service scope includes installation assistance, commissioning, troubleshooting, inspection, maintenance and calibration verification.  

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