Marine Equipment

Sewage Treatment

World-class, compact, IMO type-approved equipment packages according to your requirements.

Oily Water Management

Oily water separators and discharge monitoring equipment according to MARPOL requirements.

Fuel and Oil Treatment

Mechanical separation systems for the treatment of a variety of mineral oils including fuel and lubrication oil.

Reverse Osmosis

Seawater reverse osmosis equipment packages offering a range of capacities to achieve any requirement.

Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking water treatment systems including filtration, sterilisers and conditioning systems.

Vacuum Toilet Systems

Marine vacuum toilet systems including pumps, pans, interface tanks and control equipment.

Marine Air Compressors

Complete air compressor solutions to support a variety of ships and offshore installations.

Pipework Antifouling

Simple solutions that prevent the establishment of marine growth inside of seawater pipework systems.

Cathodic Protection Systems

Impressed current cathodic protection systems provide active corrosion protection for ships and offshore installations.

Catering Equipment

Galley, catering and laundry equipment from one of the world's largest equipment supply and manufacturing groups.

Chair Systems

Chair systems achieving the requirements for a variety of marine installations including console, passenger and high-speed craft.

Ballast Water Treatment

Complete solutions for the management of ballast water according to the latest regulations.

Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM)

IHM implementation and management services achieving international requirements for all client groups.